Google’s Data-Saving Tool Datally Gets New Features, Including Guest Mode

Anil Ganti

Anyone who isn't on an unlimited data plan knows how precious mobile data is and how easy it is to burn through a months allowance in a matter of hours. Which is why data saving measures are key to help your data usage in check. Although Android has safeguards in place that shut off mobile data if the data usage is found to be too high, a third-party application is always recommended as a failsafe. Last November, Google rolled out Datally; an app that helps monitor, track and cut down on mobile data usage. The application helps you track your mobile data, control which apps use it, and find high-quality Wi-Fi networks. It uses a VPN service to restrict mobile data usage and can cut down data usage by up to 21 per cent. Today, Datally got four new features that will help you save even more data. Here they are:

Daily Limit

A Daily Limit is ideal for those who have tendencies to burn through a month's worth of data in a couple of hours. For example, if you paid for 60GB of data for the entire month, you can set the Daily Limit to 2GB per day to evenly space out your usage You’ll get warnings as soon as you reach the allocated limit, following which you can disregard the warning and browse as usual or shut off mobile data for the rest of the day.

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Unused Apps

According to Google, 20 per cent of mobile data is used in the background by apps they haven’t opened in over a month. Unused Apps shows you the apps that you’re not using, but that are using precious data in the background. Now, you can delete such data-guzzling apps with a single tap.

Wi-Fi Map

With WiFi map, you can see a list of the nearby Wi-Fi networks so that you can find the best quality network nearby. There's even a rating system, so after connecting and using the network, you can rate it for the benefit of others.

Guest Mode

With guest mode, you’ll be able to set an amount of data you want to share, and then lend your phone to someone. For example, you can decide that you want someone to use only 100MB of your data. After that 100MB expires, the user won’t be able to use your mobile data anymore. Pretty good.

All the features are already live and if you want to give them a spin, you can download Datally using this link.

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