Google VR Headset And Controller – Here Is What To Expect This Fall

daydream i/o 2016 Google VR Headset And Controller – Here Is What To Expect This Fall

During Google I/O 2016, the company showed off a reference design for its Google VR headset, the product that would continue the momentum after the huge success of Cardboard. Most of the details are in limbo, but we believe that the Google VR headset and controller will be able to provide us with the following.

There Might Be No Pricing Details Of The Google VR Headset And Controller But There Are Things That You Will Be Looking Forward To

In case you guys were not informed, the Google VR headset is a portion of the tech giant’s new Daydream initiative, which happens to be a mobile VR platform present into Android N. Daydream will only be compatible with Daydream devices. As for the headset itself, the reference design has been aimed towards pure comfortability.

The smartphone would be held in a front slot that latches at the top and to be honest, this design looks awfully similar to Samsung's Gear VR headset, which was released last year and fits a small number of Samsung phones. However, there is one huge difference that you guys might not have noticed and that happens to be the small remote that’s shown alongside it.

Volume buttons and a round pad appear to be present at the top, and if you take a look more carefully at the image, the remote looks similar to the one that ships with Oculus Rift. According to Google, the headset is going to be ‘comfortable and intuitive’, suggesting that the headset is not going to be cumbersome when it is placed on your head.

Google VR Headset Is Still Picky And Will Create Issues For A Lot Consumers

Google Cardboard was compatible with all Android headsets, and there was even a dedicated app for iOS that was rolled out shortly after. However, the Google VR headset is not going to be compatible with several phones, and that is going to put off several thousands of consumers who wanted to experience the next echelon of VR. Google’s new virtual reality experience will only work on approved phones with special parts, like screens and sensors that can deliver high-quality mobile VR.

The Biggest Question That No Is Asking About? Its Price Tag

The Google VR headset has pricing details that currently elude our knowledge and just for comparison purposes, we will point it out here that Samsung’s Gear VR costs $99, while the original Cardboard only carries a $20 price tag. So what is going to be the expected price tag of Google’s VR headset? We speculate that it is going to be somewhere in between the $20-$99 range, since Google will need to provide some form of incentive to the consumer base that not only will have to upgrade their smartphones, they will also have to purchase additional accessories (possibly more expensive ones) in order to enjoy next-generation VR content.

This whole thing is still a mystery, and the more details we get to know about this, the better. What price do you think the Google VR headset and controller are going to be priced at? Let us know your thoughts right away.

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