Google Reported to Have Stopped Working on Project Ara


Google’s Project Ara was expected to ship out to developers during Q4, 2016, but according to the latest report, the company has thrown in the towel. While readers could be contemplating on the fact that the full modular smartphone dream is dead, it looks like Google has something else planned along the way.

Google might Work With Other Partners in Order to Bring Project Ara to Consumers

Though Project Ara was expected to be made and worked in the same manner as a custom built Windows powered desktop computer, it isn’t as simple as assembling and disassembling the components that you’ve seen on these massive machines. While the plan has been shelved off the table, it does not mean that the project has truly been killed. In fact Google could be working with partners to release the modular smartphone, but the question on its level of modularity is something that I personally like to ponder upon.

LG tried its hand with a semi modular G5 and though we can say that lack of QC was one of the contributing factors that why the flagship smartphone didn’t do well, consumers don’t exactly want to assemble and disassemble a smartphone as soon as they remove it from the packaging. Though you could say lack of marketing was also responsible, when you purchase an expensive flagship, you want it to run immediately out of its packaging without having to go through the arduous process of snapping on add-ons.

With Project Ara, the came concept is going to be present, but this lineup and their respective modules are probably only going to be targeted to enthusiasts, just like the way a small percentage of the PC attracts a small portion of those who display an affinity towards assembling their own PCs. That being said, Google might not have killed Project Ara, but it is possible that it will not be directly responsible for creating it either. It could pretty much work with partners to bring the technology to the market, most likely through licensing agreements.

I believe that the success of Project Ara will actually depend on the consumer demand of requiring modular smartphones and the pricing of these components. Keep in mind that you will not be able to replace the chipset of the existing smartphone due to several complications, but you will still be able to replace modules such as camera and others. Do you think Project Ara should still become a public release? Tell us your thoughts right away.