Google Rumored To Be Shipping Out First Non-Nexus Device This year

Google Rumored To Be Shipping Out First Non-Nexus Device This year

Google has always partnered with OEMs to bring together its stock Android running smartphones and tablets with very decent specifications but with questionable price tags. However, it looks like Google wants to gain independence this time with the rumored release of a non-Nexus smartphone.

Non-Nexus Smartphone From Google Could Feature Its Own Personalized Hardware – Google Going In The Direction Of Apple  

There are several smartphone and chipset manufacturers that have used ARM’s designs to produce their own SoCs and processors. Apple, and Huawei are a few names on our list, and for the longest time, Google has always managed to seek out help from partners in creating the next Nexus. While not all partnerships have gone well as far as the device’s success is put in question, but we have to state that 2015 was the year of for the Nexus smartphones, even if it meant the impending death of tablets running stock Android.

Nexus 7: Is There Still Space In The World For A Refresh Model?

According to Engadget, Google is working on a non-Nexus smartphone which will have tighter control over design, manufacturing and software and is expected to arrive before the end of this year. Now a non-Nexus device generally does not mean that the device is not going to be running stock Android. It could mean that Google is attempting to severe the dependency of manufacturers and their terrible pricing tactics by releasing its own smartphone later in the year.

Nexus 6P (2)

To be honest, a large percentage of manufacturers have already delivered their offerings during the first half of the year and with consumers already making their purchases, what incentive could Google offer them apart from experiencing the purest form of Android to purchase a smartphone during the last months of a calendar year.

Well, with a non-Nexus smartphone, Google having tighter controls over the primary makeup of a smartphone means that the tech giant could design its own chipsets and processors the same way Apple does with its own flagship devices, and for the first time, the company could decide whether to charge exorbitant prices for its smartphones or deliver the best price/performance from a stock Android running smartphone. By reducing the dependency on others, it is also possible that a Google Nexus 7 refresh be introduced at a much affordable price tag.

Nexus 5X (2)

With HTC rumored to release a 5-inch 1080p Nexus later this year, knowing the company’s pricing strategy, we simply cannot hope to see an affordable phone. If the initial impressions of the non-Nexus smartphone are received well, Google could severe all relationships with manufacturers, thus focusing on its own dedicated brand for the foreseeable future. Google has not commented on the rumor, but we sincerely hope to see a handset running customized hardware and features. What do you guys feel? Would you want to see a non-Nexus smartphone announced in the future? Let us know your thoughts immediately.


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