Google Has A Recorded Copy Of All Your Voice Searches, Here’s How To Delete Them Pronto!

Surprise! Google has a recorded copy of all your voice searches you've carried out using the service. But worry not, we'll show you how to playback and delete everything right away.

Google Records Everything You Say To It, But Has A Reason For It

In order to improve the overall experience, Google records everything that you say to it. We're talking about voice searches here and of course the OK Google command. But for some users, it might be considered a breach of privacy. And if you happen to fall into that category of users, then here's what you need to do to delete everything and playback what Google has ever recorded.

1. Launch the Web browser and head over to this link, which will take you to Google's Voice & Audio Activity page. If you're prompted to sign into your Google account then please do so.

2. Over here you'll instantly see all the recordings which Google has saved on its servers. You can click on the 'Play' button to listen to them, or go ahead deleting everything. Entirely your call.

3. Click on the 'More' button on the top right hand corner of the page then click on 'Delete Options.'

4. Now select Advanced, then All Time. Click on Delete to confirm your changes.

Keep one thing in mind though, since these recordings are used for enhancing the experience which Google provides to its users, therefore there is a chance certain services will start to behave differently once you delete these recordings - Google Now in particular.

Also please note that there's no way to stop the Big G from recording your voice if you want the full Google experience that is error free. As soon as you kick off a new voice search or fire up the OK Google command, everything will be recorded and you have to manually delete everything all over again. But we have hope we might end up seeing an 'opt out' button in the near future. But given how the voice recordings are used to improve user experience therefore we will turn down our hope at least 75%.

But, you can turn off Voice & Audio Activity altogether after which Google will not record your voice one bit. The big downside of this? Google will not learn from your voice anything at all. The service might even struggle to translate a word or two from you, forcing you to repeat words over and over again in some cases.

Since your voice is being recorded, therefore one should keep in mind that data charges are definitely going to incur, but it shouldn't be a problem if you have an unlimited cellular plan at hand. Restricting yourself to the plain old text search is the way to go if you want to end up saving some data as well as maintain your privacy.

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