Google Pixel XL Now Costs Less Than a Mid-Ranger – Check Out This Killer Deal Here


The Pixel XL is still a very capable smartphone and good news for you guys is that it is being sold on eBay for an absolute ‘throwaway’ price. The previous-generation flagship costs just $209.95 but there are some details that the seller has written below so make sure you take a gander at that before frantically heading off to buy the phone.

Condition: Refurbished

“This is a B+ Stock item, meaning unit is in good cosmetic condition and may have minor scrapes or scratches since it's been handled.”

We strongly recommend that you read a comprehensive overview of what a refurbished smartphone is before embarking on your purchase (there is nothing wrong in getting a refurbished handset, but the more you know the better).

If you’re still having some problems when it comes to purchasing a refurbished smartphone, we have some useful guidelines that you can follow. On top of everything, this Pixel XL is compatible with Verizon Wireless networks. It might not come with razor-thin bezels or a glass and aluminum design, but what it is running is stock Android and features the 3.5mm headphone jack. It also comes with a Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM and it will get updated to Android P when it officially rolls out.

For the price of just $210, we believe that this is an absolute steal of a deal. Before we forget, do keep in mind that this for the 32GB model, and it does not come with expandable storage.

Buy the Google Pixel XL 32GB from eBay