Google Pixel XL Leaked to Feature a Snapdragon 820 – Decent Benchmarking Scores Achieved


We reported earlier that Google was going to drop the name ‘Nexus’ from its smartphone lineup and instead use the name Pixel and Pixel XL. While that is a good approach in my opinion, the benchmarking scores of Pixel XL have shown up on Geekbench 3, and they are quite respectable for a smartphone that is going to be running a Snapdragon 820. However, we were expecting different hardware to be present.

Google Pixel XL Is Not Running a Snapdragon 821 But Could Come Running Android Nougat 7.1

Looking at the scores that you see in front of you, they are quite respectable for a smartphone that will feature a Snapdragon 820, although we are bitterly disappointed to see that a Snapdragon 821 is not mentioned anywhere. However, one saving grace of the Pixel XL will be that it will be running Android Nougat 7.1 ‘out of the box’. However, it hasn’t been detailed if Android N 7.1 is going to be a major update, or just one that is going to brush up a few tweaks here and there. Complementing the quad-core processor is 4GB of RAM, which is more than sufficient from a smartphone that’s going to be running the holy grain of Google’s mobile OS, pure Android.

There is currently no word from Huawei, which was leaked with a Geekbench screenshot, giving slightly more information that a successor to its highly popular Nexus 6P was going to be released, but from the looks of it, HTC is going to possess the lead over both Huawei and LG this time around. Personally, it was a good decision that a Snapdragon 821 wasn’t present because the latter will provide no benefit in terms of efficiency when pitted against a Snapdragon 820. This is because they both have been manufactured on the same 14nm FinFET node, although gaming performance on a Snapdragon 821 will be increased due to higher clock speeds of both the CPU and GPU.

A Type-C USB port is also going to be present on both the Pixel and Pixel XL and we’re hoping that improved camera sensors are also incorporated this time around. While the hardware is expected to be given a significant upgrade, I also want to see the stock camera app on both of these phones to be given a huge makeover. Let us hope my prayers get answered. Like always, we’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest, particularly on a smartphone like Pixel XL.