Pixel Watch to Have a 24-Hour Battery Life, Despite Featuring an Older-Generation Chipset

Pixel Watch to Have a 24-Hour Battery Life, Despite Featuring an Older-Generation Chipset

Compared to the competition, Google’s Pixel Watch will have a pretty standard battery life, assuming new information is to be believed, that claims the upcoming wearable will last for a whole day. Depending on your usage, perhaps you can squeeze more ‘screen on’ time from the smartwatch.

Pixel Watch’s Competitors Like the Galaxy Watch 4 Have Higher Endurance Levels, but Usage Will Also Vary

The Pixel Watch’s all-day battery comes in the form of a source that informed 9to5Google. It was not stated how this result was tested, but as stated above, the endurance of a smartwatch will depend on the user. Since Google’s presentation of its smartwatch was basic at its annual I/O 2022 keynote, there is limited information on the kind of optimizations made to Wear OS running on the Pixel Watch.

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The 24-hour battery life was likely calculated by putting all hardware variables too. Previously, we reported that the Pixel Watch would ship with a 300mAh battery, with the primary SoC being the 10nm Exynos Exynos 9110, along with a co-processor designed to offload the less demanding tasks from the wearable. Later, it was found that the name of the co-processor was the ARM M33, and its power consumption would likely be in micro-watts, affecting battery life negligibly.

It also needs to be mentioned that the Pixel Watch will have 1.5GB of RAM, which matches the Galaxy Watch 4 in having the most memory for a smartwatch, and though the Wear OS experience will improve with more RAM, it can come at a cost. Adding more RAM chips to a miniature logic board will consume more battery, which is probably why the Pixel Watch is not rated to have more than a 24-hour endurance.

We may also see 32GB of onboard storage, which will again use up more battery as additional components will consume more juice. In terms of hardware, apart from the old SoC fueling the Pixel Watch, the other areas are where Google has made noteworthy improvements, so it all depends on how well Wear OS is designed for long-term use. For instance, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 is rated for 40 hours of battery, but under normal use, 9to5Google reports that it never reaches that advertised figure.

We will have to see how well the Pixel Watch fares in battery endurance when it officially launches, so stay tuned.

News Source: 9to5Google

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