Google’s Pixel 2 Taimen Surfaces On GeekBench; 6248 Multi-Core Score Beats Galaxy S8 & Xperia XZ Premium

Ramish Zafar

Google made a big smartphone move last year. The company officially launched its own smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. The pair took on Apple directly and Google was clear about this at their launch as well. The Pixel pair are good smartphones. Their camera in particular has created a lot of hype, despite the fact that it possesses no unique hardware features. But since it's the company's first time with a flagship, we'll give it a pass. Now, rumors related to the Pixel lineup's successor are floating everywhere. One of the three devices that are anticipated later this year has surfaced on Geekbench. Take a look below to find out more.

Google Pixel 2 Taimen Features On GeekBench; Shows Impressive Multi-Core Performance

Taking specifications and features, we've got little information for the Pixel 2 lineup so far. Out of the little that we do know, an important fact is that there will be three devices this year, rather than two. The third device will be even larger than the Pixel XL and will demonstrate Google's intent to target all segments of the market. After all, in Android, users love large screens and it'll be unwise for Google to leave this segment out of the equation.

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This third Pixel device is dubbed as Taimen and its surfaced on Geekbench too. It's shown with an octa core processor, that's most likely the Snapdragon 835. The processor is under clocked in this instance, with a frequency of 1.90Ghz. Given that we're most likely dealing with a test device here, this isn't very surprising. RAM for this smartphone is listed around 4GB, adequate for any smartphone.



The few features for the Pixel 2 lineup which have surfaced, suggest an interesting approach from Google's end. For starters, we've heard that Mountain View is testing custom processors for the lineup. That's a big move for a software company, especially one that doesn't have much experience with smartphones. Another rumor we've heard is about a complete overhaul for Android, one that will reduce fragmentation significantly across the multiple devices that utilize the software.

Talking about the scores, the results, like one we published about the OnePlus 5 earlier, are partly impressive. We've got two phones right now which use the Snapdragon 835 as their processor. The Galaxy S8 and the Xperia XZ Premium score 1900 each for single core and 6100 & 5700 respectively in multi-core (aggregates). Taimen's score of 6248 beats the Xperia XZ Premium and tops the Galaxy S8 by a good margin. So expect the smartphone to be a performance powerhouse. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest in the meanwhile.


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