Google Claims Pixel Pre-Orders Have Caused Expected Delays

Omar Sohail
Google Pixel preorders delayed

Google probably wasn’t expecting both its Pixel and Pixel XL to sell this well, and that’s not a good thing either. The shipments of the pre-orders have once again been delayed, which will definitely cause unrest for the regular consumer.

Google States That It is Working to Replenish Inventory as Soon as Possible – Hasn’t Given Exact Date When Orders Will Be Shipped Out

Google hasn’t stated how many units were stocked, but if you visit the Google Store right now, both the Pixel and Pixel will be listed as ‘unavailable’. This could show that Google didn’t expect its expensive stock Android phones to sell so well, but at the same time, you have to wonder, how many units did the company actually store in the warehouse? That number also comes into play. According to an analyst, a combined figure of 4 million Pixel and Pixel XL units are expected to be sold this year and the tech giant has also stated its own views on these delays.

“We’re thrilled to see the excitement for our new Pixel phones, and frankly pre-order demand has exceeded our expectations. We’re working to restock our inventory as soon as possible.”

The base storage model of Pixel carries a price of $649. Keep in mind that Google has committed to provide users with two-years’ worth of software updates, but with the amount of money of money that you’re purchasing the smartphone for, wouldn’t you rather go for an iPhone, which actually provides you with software updates for a longer period of time? We also conducted a poll stating if Google should increase the software update time limit, and the majority of voters were in favor.

In fact, if you haven’t yet taken a closer look at the pricing, both Google Pixel, and Pixel XL feature the same price tag as Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Even after paying for that price tag, you’re also missing out on some features such OIS, effective waterproofing and wireless charging to name a few.

Despite this, it appears that both the devices end up becoming a hot-selling product. Did you pre-order a Pixel yet? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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