Google Pixel 2 Concept Shares Same Design as Predecessor, But Melts Those Bezels Tremendously, Along With Other Welcoming Upgrades

Omar Sohail
Google Pixel 2 concept

HTC and Google better use a magic wand when releasing the Pixel 2, or at least take inspiration from the latest concept. It might use the same design as its predecessor, but you guys have no idea the positive impression that can be formed if you turn the dial around the ‘screen-to-body’ ratio bit. The latest Google Pixel 2 concept hits all the right heads and we honestly do not mind if we were to get some notable upgrades while maintaining the same exterior.

Latest Google Pixel 2 Show Bezels Reduced to a Minimum But Now With the Addition of a Dual-Camera Setup and Same Metallic Design

Benjamin Geskin is at it again with another concept but instead of littering his Twitter handle with a ton of iPhone 8 schematics or concepts, he has now graced us with the Google Pixel 2 concept, which looks absolutely gorgeous.

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We know what you’re thinking; it shares the shame appearance as that of its predecessor. We are not going to be denying this but we will say that despite the exterior looking exactly like the original Pixel, there are other changes which make the concept look absolutely breathtaking to look at.

Instead of having an absurdly large number of bezels, the total screen-to-body ratio has been increased significantly, adding extra points to the aesthetics category. You can see that the handset sports the same rear-mounted fingerprint reader at the backside, and as long as it is near the center of the smartphone, we don’t think it is going to be a problem for users when they attempt to unlock their devices.

In addition, you can see that there is a dual-camera present at the back, which we feel is going to be on the cards when the Pixel 2 is gearing up to be unveiled in the near future. This time, however, we are hoping that both Google and HTC add OIS to the mix as that will help to improve still images and while recording footage.

If you wanted to change anything about this concept, let us know down in the comments.


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