Google Pixel 2 Shows up on FCC Filing Running Updated Android O Version and Unique Features Set

Omar Sohail
Google Pixel 2 FCC filing

More details related to the Google Pixel 2 have been brought to light this time through an FCC filing and let us tell you right now that there are better features to look forward to rather than just the stock Android feel of the phone.

FCC Filing Reveals That the Google Pixel 2 Could Feature the ‘Active Edge’ Squeeze Addition - Phone Could Be Running an Even More Advanced Version of Android O

HTC will be making the smaller Pixel 2 phone while LG has been rumored to be working with Google for the larger Pixel 2 XL. According to an FCC filing, the phone is running an updated version of Android O, which is Android 8.0.1 and while that is expected, we can also get to see some interesting features present in Pixel 2.

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One of those features could be the ‘Active Edge’ squeeze function that we have seen on the U11. By pressing the phone with a small amount of force, certain actions can be triggered, and we feel that the same thing is going to have to be carried out with the Pixel 2 once it is up for sale.

With Google’s competitors embracing the bezel-less smartphone design, it appears that the company is not going to be entertaining such a change, according to high-resolution images of leaked renders. However, we should not be disappointed because this might be the introduction of a cheaper Pixel variant; one that is running stock Android but could be offered for a smaller price tag.

The cheaper version could also compromise on hardware to keep the costs low, with the more expensive versions touting the best of what mobile technology has to offer. There is definitely going to be a ton of speculation coming forth, and if you want to know more about the phone from HTC and Google, click on the source link below which will direct you to the FCC filings.

News Source: FCC

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