Google Photos 3.13 Adds Motion Photos Search Filter and More

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A new version of Google Photos is all set for release, and this version has a few significant changes. Most of them don't stand out all that much. There are new notifications related to Photos Books plus the ability to turn them off. More categories have been added to the search bar, which is a plus. Motion Photos were identified by an icon in the top-right corner after opening an image, with no other way to differentiate them from regular photos. Here's a list of a few features that one can expect with the latest update.

Motion Photos in search

Back in November, Google launched Motion Photos, in response to Apple's Live Photos. You could find the motion photos on your device in the Google Photos app, but there was no way to tell the difference between regular and motion photos.The latest update solves that issue by adding a search that singles out Motion Photos for you. To search for different types of files, simply tap on it, then hit the "show more" button in the group of categories. You'll be able to find Motion Photos at the bottom of the list.

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New notifications for photo books

The latest version of Google Photos has added new notification prompts for Photo Books. Photo Books are essentially hard-copies of your images, which will be printed and delivered to your doorstep. Three new notification settings have been added, each to do with Photo Books. One will let you know about special pricing and promotions for purchasing printed books, another will post reminders about unfinished drafts, and the last will let you know when there's a suggestion for a new photo book. To disable the notifications, simply open Settings -> Notifications and turn off these toggles.


The latest update gives you the ability to share back photos with a someone that shared a photo stream with you. It's not a significant change, but the command sets up a similar automatic sharing arrangement and fills in the address of the person you would be sharing photos with. It's pretty simple addition but makes it a little more convenient to organize sharing with another person.

What would you like to see in the new version of Google Photos? Let us know in the comments below.

News Source: Android Police

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