The Nexus 6P Is Super Easy To Bend Using Bare Hands – Video


The 'bendgate' issue surfaced last year when it came to public knowledge that the iPhone 6 Plus could easily be bent out of shape when a little pressure is applied to its body. Apple did, however, address the issue with the release of the iPhone 6s Plus by constructing the outer frame of the smartphone with Aluminum 7000, the same material used on the Apple Watch Sport model. Fast forward to today and people had almost forgotten about bendgate ever taking place, but sadly enough, the issue is back, but on a different smartphone - on Google's latest flagship, the Nexus 6P.

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Despite Being A Premium Handset, The Nexus 6P Can Be Bent Like Cheap Plastic

A new video has surfaced on YouTube from user JerryRigEverything, and he goes on to show that how much of a poor job has gone into the making of the Nexus 6P, with the screen being able to break quite easily, and the body of the handset could effortlessly be bent out of shape with very little pressure applied to it. Rather than laying down all the details beforehand, check out the video below yourself and see how easy it is bend a Nexus 6P out of shape:

As you can see from the video, the Nexus 6P is not durable at all when it comes to meeting the elements. The YouTuber goes on record to state the HTC One M9, which isn't a durable phone at all, is a far superior handset that the Nexus 6P, while the iPhone 6s is infinitely better, thanks to its new Aluminum 7000 construction.

Before everyone starts to panic, there's a high probability that this particular Nexus 6P model is botched off the assembly line. But given that the device failed to hold up in durability front and back, it seems somewhat strange why the smartphone failed miserably especially when it came to a simple bend test.

We're quite certain at this point Google will indeed release an official statement regarding this matter, and hopefully revise its device's external shell to make it more durable. We hope Google will not pull off an Apple and wait for entire year to fix the 'issue' in one fell swoop, after all, the Big G has a reputation on the line and the Nexus lineup of devices are considered premium out in the market.

Not so premium if the device bends out of shape that easily though.

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