Google Maps Adds New Commute Features and Integration for Spotify, Play Music, & Apple Music


It's hard to imagine a world without Google Maps and the way it changed how we navigate. Maps have received a slew of updates since its inception, and today, the company announced a new update that brings in several commuting features and the integration of Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music.

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Listening to music is one of the most common recreational activity people engage in during their daily commute. Now, you don't need to navigate out of the Google Maps application to change tracks. Controlling the music players would require swiping down the notification shade, but if your go-to music player of choice is Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music, then you can control it directly within this new Google Maps update.

Another big feature added in this update may not get talked about as but is integral to those who rely on public transport. There are a lot of people who drive to a subway, bus, or train station and then use that mode of transportation to get to work. These “mixed-mode” commuters are a bit tricky to handle, considering that there are multiple modes of transport involved. Now, after the latest update when you begin your commute, you will see each section of your trip so you know if you should expect something to be delayed or not.

This includes knowing if there are any delays during your drive, when the next train, bus, or subway is scheduled to depart, and how long it will take you to walk from said station to your office building. In 80 regions worldwide, Maps is rolling out the ability see exactly where public transit buses and trains are in real-time. Things get even better in Sydney, Australia where the partnership with local transit allows Maps to show how full the next bus or train is, so users can decide whether to bother to rush for the next bus.

News Source: Google