Google Just Improved Its Photos App Using Machine Learning – Here Are the Details


If Google Photos happens to be your go-to service for storing photos in the cloud, you'll be pleased to learn today how much better it has become using machine learning.

Google Boosts Its Photos App Using Machine Learning

Apart from being a hub for storing all your photos on iOS, Android and the Web, Google Photos has a few interesting tricks up its sleeve. For example, it can stitch images together from your library on its own using AI to form a panorama. Furthermore, it can even detect faces and whatnot to to help you find a specific photo with utmost ease. All of this is possible using none other than machine learning. Today however, Google is taking things a little further in the AI department and has added four new features to Google Photos.

The first feature lets you "rediscover old memories of the people in your most recent photos." This ensures that you do not miss important occasions, or people, as your photo library continues to grow.

The second feature is something which parents are going to love. If you take a lot of photos of your kids, then Google Photos will show you a card highlighting the best photos of your child from last month. This is the perfect feature for parents out there who love to relive their family memories.

Google Photos can make animations out of your photos, but now it will do so from your videos as well. But it won't be just an ordinary animation. Using machine learning, the best part of the video will be picked up and presented to you as an animation which you can later use anywhere. For example, the moment you jumped off a diving board.

Last but not the least, if you have images that are sideways, Google Photos will highlight all the ones that are off-axis and fix them up for you. This feature alone is enough to push you on the Google Photos bandwagon.

Download Google Photos for iOS, Android

Google Photos is absolutely free to download and use on iOS, Android and the Web. In order to download the mobile app, simply tap on the links which we have embedded below.

Take Google Photos for a spin and let us know what you think about the latest changes in the service. We are quite certain you'll grow to love it as I have over time. The ease of use, topped off with great features is something no one can deny here.