Google Home, the Next Alexa Competitor Has Its Pricing Leaked


During Google I/O 2016, Google Home, the next Alexa competitor that would end up simplifying home tasks was announced, but sadly, the pricing details were not divulged by Sundar Pichai. However, the latest leak reveals what its price is going to be when it officially enters the market.

Google Home Has Been Reported to Be $50 Cheaper Than Amazon’s Echo

According to sources close to the matter, Google Home is going to be $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo that was announced earlier this year. This means that the pricing of Google Home is going to be $129.99 since the retail price of Amazon Echo at the online retailer’s website has been specified as $179.99. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement to come through before the pricing details have been confirmed. As for the features of the Echo competitor, Google Home is completely voice enabled and will be able to answer whatever query you ask of it.

According to Google, it is the ultimate home assistant device and while its functionality is boundless, the aesthetics of the device will also be able to match the color of your household. There are going to be a variety of different colors available later in the year that will complement the surrounding look of your home. In this way, the gadget will appear more welcoming to others.

Additionally, the gadget features a nice compact form factor that is going to go easy on the hands, and while it may be small, it will effortlessly be able to carry out all relatable tasks that surround its functionality. In the foreseeable future, Google Home will be able to carry out more advanced tasks ranging from starting your car, delivering food right to your doorstep, and being able to send gifts to your loved ones by communicating through a chain of companies which cater to these requirements.

Furthermore, Google Home will also let you enjoy music, from not only the device itself but also from other connected speakers installed in your home. In the future, Google Home will also be able to communicate with other gadgets such as Nest and future developers are also going to find a use for it in the form of third-party applications.

Do you think its pricing is going to be a contributing factor to its success? Tell us your thoughts right away.