Google Is Going to Spend Large Amounts of Money Promoting Its Pixel lineup


Google wants you to know that Pixel phones exist and while the smartphone populace is well aware of their presence, it’s the list of features that the tech giant also wants to highlight in selling as many units as possible. According to one analyst, both Pixel and Pixel XL are expected to sell 4 million units this year, but in order to achieve that mark, some serious advertising is going to have to take place.

Google Has Already Spent $3.2 Million USD in Television Ads in Two Days Since the Pixel Devices Were Officially Announced – More Funds to Follow

Google isn’t a known manufacturer for its hardware products, but according to Rachel Pasqua, practice lead at a New York-based advertising agency states how the company is intending to make its mark:

“This is the first time they are in the position of selling themselves to people, as opposed to selling themselves to brands.”

Though Google’s Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz has told sources to the matter that the company is going to commence a heavy campaigning spree for its Pixel phones, the exact amount was not detailed. However, he did say that the tech giant may buy ads during Thanksgiving football games, which can go up to a million dollars.

Google is most likely going to rival the spending amount of its smartphone rivals Apple and Samsung. According to iSpot.tv, Apple has spent $2.45 million while Samsung has spent a total of $1.4 million USD in just marketing its flagship devices. Unfortunately, it’s not the features that will trouble Google later on, but the pricing at which both its Pixel and Pixel XL are selling at. The base model is retailing for $649, which will give the impression that these devices are not going to have a bright future. Well, it turns out that both the 32 and 128GB models have been sold out at the Google Store, and it might take a while to restock them.

It’s honestly hard to believe that Android-powered smartphones that cost the same as an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus according to their respective storage models will sell well, but it looks like when consumers have money to spend, there’s no stopping them. Even in a recent poll, where the Pixel and Pixel XL’s hardware specifications when compared to the rest of the flagship crew, it was hard to believe that Pixel carried the highest number of votes for consumers when they were asked which flagship phone would they upgrade to next.

Do you guys think that marketing campaigns from Google will help the tech giant to sell its Pixel phones at a better rate? Tell us your thoughts right away.