Google Chrome For Android Will Let You Download Web Pages And Save Data


Google is implementing a few changes in its Chrome app for Android. While some are centered towards improving connectivity, others are oriented towards saving data. Google Chrome's Data Saver mode will very soon be able to compress video content with up to 67 percent less data for an MP4 file. Let's see some more details on the subject and how Android users can make use of this functionality.

Google Chrome Will Download Entire Web Pages Including Videos, Pictures And Sounds

Other than the aforementioned change, Chrome will display streamlined versions of web pages which will load way faster than before, while saving an enormous amount of data. This is if you're using your data plan instead of the Wi-Fi. Moreover, Google also gives you the ability to download web pages that includes the video, pictures, music that comes along with it. You can access the downloaded web pages from a new tab.

Google Chrome

Apart from this, the company is also working on the Discovery side of things. This means that it will recommend and download pages that you can access at a later time, even if you're not online. These recommendations will first be based on the latest trends and what's popular in your local area. Later on, the company will personalize it based on your personal interests.

The Play Store is also a subject to various changes. To begin with, the hub of apps is getting an update which will allow it to work in scenarios with poor connectivity. Google is calling this feature "fast browsing" which absolutely makes sense as data will be preloaded. What the update will do is preload popular parts of the Play Store on Wi-Fi so users can browse comfortably over their slow networks later.

Other than this, the Google Play Store will also allow you to defer downloads with an all new "Wait for Wi-Fi" option. Once you tap on this, it will simply wait for your device to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Once you are near a Wi-Fi, your download will resume automatically.

Going back to the Chrome features, they will be added in the future update, probably version 54 which is set to launch in October. The Play Store feature is available in some parts of the world, if it hasn't arrived in your region yet, do wait for it to happen.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new Google Chrome feature in which it downloads complete web pages for a later time? Share your thoughts in the comments.