Google Assistant To Soon Get Support For Making Online Payments


The future of Google Assistant looks promising by the way Google is planning the roadmap for it. Following one-step-at-a-time strategy, Google is debuting new features on Google Assistant. During the Google I/O 2016 event, back in October, we saw the demo of Google Assistant's integration with payment services. Now, in the latest update for the Google app, the company has initiated the integration of the feature.

As reported by XDA, the teardown of Google App APK version 6.11.13 beta shows a string of codes that tips the nearing inclusion of payment features on Google Assistant. As you can see in the image below, Google Assistant will be handling credit card gateways like other apps, and it will also offer direct links to Google Support to fetch quick assistance if need be.

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Based on a note that the code string contains - You’ll soon be able to pay for things. XDA writes that users will be able to 'Specify which Assistant-connected devices will be able to participate in making payments.'

Interestingly, the string also shows the URL of Google support page, which is still in works. The Google support URL also hints at Google Home support for in-app payments. The Google Assistant is what powers Google Home, so it is safe to assume that the integration of payment services could bring the same functionality to Google Home. If it happens, then Home users might just get to pay for services by giving voice-activated commands. It is worth pointing out that Amazon's Echo already has the payments functionality powered by Alexa software, but it does not work perfectly.

From our perspective, we think payments made via Google Assistant/Google Home will most likely be subjected to online shopping and delivery services. Google Home already supports cab services like Uber, and now the new payment integration feature could open doors for Google Express Shopping.

The detected code string also hints at “shared devices,” but it could mean many things. However, the most legit speculation could be pairing of different devices for payment services. It could also mean restricting/enabling select devices for payments services.

For now, Google has not revealed a specific timeline for the rollout of payments feature on Google Assistant.