Google Announces Play Music Family Plan For $14.99 A Month


Google has announced a new Google Play Music Family Plan for $14.99, that will allow six people to listen to music on any device for a one-off fee.

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Google has announced a bunch of new goodies at its event today. Apart from announcing the new feature-packed Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, and of course, the rollout of Android Marshmallow for Nexus devices, the search engine giant also gave some love to its music streaming service, Google Play Music.

According to Google, its Play Music service will be gracing a new $14.99 family plan, that will allow up to six people to stream music for a one-off fee. If you're using Apple Music, then you already know how a family plan works, as it saves the user a lot of money if he / she opts to go for an individual music plan.

Play Music Family Plan

Google also highlights the fact that the Play Music service can be accessed on any device under the family plan, so users can rest assured that even if they have an iOS device or Android, Windows or OS X, you can listen away without worrying about compatibility.

Apart from the pricing and the fact that you can listen to tunes on any device, Google also says that every user under the family plan will get personalized and tailored recommendations, so listeners get the best out of Play Music no matter what.

When can you get your hands on the new family plan option? Glad you asked. Currently, Google says that it is adding finishing touches to the newfound option, and will be rolled out to users later this year. So if you were hoping to jump onto the family bandwagon immediately, then we're afraid that you'll have to wait. But don't worry, whenever the new plan goes live, we'll have it covered right here in grave detail.

The music space is well and truly becoming a crowded arena as there are a lot of big name contenders already, such as Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music, and whatnot. It would be interesting to see if Google's family plan move will entice users to use its service more than before. And while Google already has millions of tracks and big name artists under its massive music library, we're quite certain that the family plan uptake will be positive to say the least.

Will you be opting for the Google Play Music family plan? Then be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.