Google Announces ASUS OnHub Wi-Fi Router – Here Is How To Pre-Order The Ultra-Fast Router


Two months ago, Google announced its OnHub router that carried a starting price of $199. The router provide users with a multitude of options on how to configure their home network in order to receive the best wireless networking performance. In addition, the tech company also partnered with other manufacturers to produce the product, with ASUS OnHub the very next to show up on Google’s website. If you want to pre-order the router, then we will detail on how you can do it the easiest way possible.

ASUS OnHub Up For Pre-Order For A Price Of $220 – Here Is How You Can Pre-Order Yours?

According to the details present on the website, ASUS OnHub is available for pre-order and is currently being made by ASUS and TP-LINK. If you want to save $20, then you can always opt for the model made by TP-LINK otherwise the router from the Taiwanese company is going to be your best bet. ASUS OnHub is going to be for sale on November 3, and will be sold at a variety of retailers, including online ones too. Currently, the router is available at Newegg, and will slowly make its way to other retailers as we speak.

One of the highlights of the router is that it automatically searches the airwaves and selects the best possible channel in order to provide you with the best speeds, and least amount of interference. Since the router features a unique antenna design, you will not be able to see any visible antennas and thanks to its smart software, OnHub will avoid interference in order to keep the network at its optimum level.

Both routers from ASUS and TP-Link will receive an OTA update which will introduce a new smart antenna algorithm. This update will allow the router to select the best connection for a device, wherever it may be installed in a household. The update will not require the user to install it themselves, which will present a great deal of comfort for the user.

The mobile app for ASUS OnHub is available for both Android and iOS platforms, and when you start the app for the very first time, it will tell you all the necessary statistical data, such as the amount of bandwidth all devices are using. Moreover, ASUS OnHub will also be updated with the latest security protocols in order to safeguard the network installed in your home. Do you guys think that ASUS OnHub is a very good investment for a router? Let us know your thoughts.