Google VP Speaks On Company’s Android M Launch Plans And Schedule


Google's VP Engineering for Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer has given some confirmations related to the next Android release, dubbed as Android M. Android M has been in the news for quite a while, with leaks giving us plenty to speculate about the software update's features. Android M is expected to be unveiled by Google this week at its I/O event following Lollipop's launch last year.

Google VP Elaborates On Company's Annual Android Schedule - Says Yearly Updates To Be The Norm

Google's Vice President for Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer has elaborated on the annual Android update schedule that the company has been following for quite a while now, since Android Jellybean. In an interview with Fast Company, Lockheimer seemingly confirms Android M's launch at Google's I/O next week and says we should be expecting the next Android update a year later. A yearly update schedule for Android would help Google in touch with challenges and issues plaguing users. But since we've been getting yearly Android releases for a while now, its not particularly a surprising bit of information.

But confirmation from Google about its update plans is good indeed, since it provides us with some official information amidst the countless leaks and rumors surfacing so far. We've seen several expected features of 'M' pop up over the past couple of days, ranging from increased focus on Android Wear, security features and other accessibility options. We've also seen some leaked features of the Photo app on the upcoming software update that shows new logos and gestural commands to name a few. So all eyes on the I/O this month for the next update from Google. Lollipop wasn't a disappointing launch by any means and Google should be expected with a strong follow up this year. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated on Android M's features and candy choice and let us know what you think in the comments section below.