Google Ad Settings Gets a Material Theme Redesign and Claims to Give You Better Control Over Your Ads

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Google is what it is today because it knows what ads to send to you. For the most part, they've been pretty open about it and let their users get an in-depth look into what ads they might see, based on their interests. Today, the page gets a fresh coat of paint and some new features that allow you to customize the ads you see even more. According to their blog post:

Today, we’re launching the new Ad Settings, which makes it easier for you to understand and control how your ads are tailored to you. We’re also providing more transparency around why you see certain ads by expanding Why this ad? to all of our services that show Google ads (like Search and YouTube) and almost all websites and apps that partner with us to show ads.

Google shows you ads based on your activity across all Google  products (Search, YouTube, etc.) Ads are also based on the personal info you've added to your Google Account, data from advertisers that partner with Google, and Google's estimation of your interests. The redesigned dashboard gets a redesign with Google Material Theme.

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At the centre lies “Google Ad Settings”, from which you can toggle “Ad personalization,” which the company says makes ads more useful on Search, YouTube, and other products. The post goes on to tell us what kind of an ad a user is likely to see, and why.

For example, if you watched highlights from a recent soccer match on YouTube or searched “soccer fields near me” you might see an ad for a slick pair of soccer shorts. If you’ve told us you’re 40 years old, we would be less likely to show you ads about student study abroad programs. And if you visit the website of one of your favorite brands, you might see an ad from them.

With the new settings in effect, you can opt to turn off tailored ads altogether. You'll still see ads, just not ones based on your interests. There's even an option to disable specific interests if you don't want to switch off personalized ads altogether. Lastly, Google has expanded the “Why this ad?” feature to all of its services that display Google ads, including YouTube, Google, Gmail, Maps, and Search. The company also worked with third-party websites and apps that use Google advertising to show the descriptor on “almost all” partner content


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