Google Pixel And Pixel XL Exhibit Uncanny, Popping Noises; Company Acknowledges Problem

Ramish Zafar
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When we talk flagship smartphone manufacturers, Google's the youngest out there. In fact it still doesn't strictly manufacture its devices and rather sells smartphones under its brand name. The Pixel lineup is the company's first serious attempt at targeting the high end device market. To that end, they deliver on a lot of ends. The Pixel lineup introduces a more casual approach in a market where glossy, metallic finishes are the norm. It also debuts Google's and boasts the Snapdragon 821. However, both the Pixel and Pixel XL ran into some strange audio rumors recently. These have now been confirmed by Google.

Google Confirms That The Pixel And Pixel XL Lineup Face Audio Problems; No Word On Solution Yet

Just yesterday, a user complained on Reddit that his Google Pixel had developed some audio problems. This was despite the fact  he was on his fourth device, with the earlier ones also being replaced for the issue. As soon as he posted his grievances , other users started to chime in and reported similar problems. The issue is a strange one and is most likely attributed to software problems.

When playing audio on the Pixel or Pixel XL at the highest three volumes, there are distortions in the final output. The issue isn't related only to the device, with the Pixels also playing static while running several apps. The original complaint with respect to the problem was submitted in the Google Pixel user community on October 24th. However, the company has responded only after the issue seems to have become more widespread.


Apart from these popping noises, the original poster is quite satisfied with his Pixel. XL. Both the Pixel and Pixel XL deliver on a lot of areas. Aside from their design, software and performance features, the strongest suit of the lineup is ogle's made a lot of software tweaks which result in top of the line performance by the devices. The good thing about the reddit posting is that other users also started reporting similar issues.

These users didn't notice them prior to badmark pointing them out. But as soon as he did, they started to test the error for themselves. And a vast majority managed to replicate it as well. While Google has acknowledged the problem, there isn't any update from the company on a fix. We're likely to see a software fix, but there's no certainty right now. Thoughts? Let us now what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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