God of War 4 Video Teaser Caught on Camera


God of War 4 has again come under the radar but this time with something more concrete, an Italian website has camera footage of God of War 4 teaser. While it may or may not be real it looks to good to be a forgery so for now I am going to guess that the video is indeed authentic and while it is only on their site so far and not on YouTube yet you will have to excuse the video and audio quality.

God of War tells the tale of a lonely spartan who was tricked into murdering his own family under the direction of Ares; The original God of War but upon seeking his revenge on Ares and becoming the new God of War he later on gets betrayed by Zeus and sets his path for revenge against all the Gods of Mount Olympus. Through out God of War 1 -3 Kratos has killed some of the biggest and even the smallest Gods so when God of War 4 is constantly being teased I was only wondering that what will he kill next? While that will still remain a mystery until an official reveal I can only hope that the game picks up where God of War 3 (after the credits) leaves us.


Video is courtesy of Source

UPDATE: YouTube Video added

The above video is proof that God of War 4 might be more real than myth and maybe we can expect big news on it at this years E3 conference.

In case you are wondering what is being said in the video you can read it below: (thanks to the source)

The phoenix has been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and during her rebirth, she has also let you in life.
Now I ask you, what are you going to do ... would you leave me here in hell?
Kratos, wake up, wake up !

When Kratos is constantly being refereed to as "brother" could this be a fellow spartan or his brother from Ghost of Sparta, Deimos? So far what I can take away from the video and the above statement is that this game will be less God slaying and more towards slaying the supernatural creatures. While there STILL isn't any official word from Santa Monica or Sony yet on anything God of War 4 related we can only hope that we hear something at this years E3.