Gmail for iOS Now Fully Supports iPhone X and its Larger Display – Download Now


Good news - the official Gmail app for iOS received an update and now fully supports the iPhone X and its larger, taller display.

Download the Latest Gmail App with Support for iPhone X. Also Adds Support for non-Gmail Accounts with IMAP.

Things move very rapidly in the tech space therefore it would be wise to say that Google was late to the party to update its Gmail app for the iPhone X. Better late than never, the new and updated piece of software now supports the taller display of Cupertino's new flagship, taking advantage of every pixel that wraps around the notch and the rounded corners.

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Interestingly, if you take a look at the changelog of the Gmail app right now, you'll be left with your head scratching as it does not mention anywhere that the app has been updated for iPhone X. You'll find this instead:

You can now add non-Google email accounts to the Gmail app via IMAP.

But once you download and install the software only then you'll realize that the story is entirely different. Entirely... better. You get the jive.

If you have Gmail installed on your iPhone right now, then you can simply grab the update by heading over to the App Store and then tap on Updates. But if you are looking for a fair amount of convenience then tap on the link below and you'll be taken straight to the App Store download page for Gmail.

If you make do with Gmail a lot then I will highly recommend grabbing this update no matter what. Usually, even the slightest of updates bring with it bug fixes and performance enhancements, and this update is not bound to be different at all.