MMO Gloria Victis Gets Biggest Update Ever with New Character Models


Indie Polish studio Black Eye Games announced via press release that Gloria Victis, their medieval low fantasy MMORPG available now on Steam Early Access, just received the biggest update ever.

This includes brand new character models that, according to the developer, have ten times more detail than the previous ones. There are also new options in the character creation system, such as tattoos and face painting, and you can even roleplay a bit by answering a series of questions to shape the background of your character.

Gloria Victis, which is now available with a 33% discount due to the ongoing Steam Winter sale, has a very positive rating for recent user reviews on Steam. The studio released 34 updates since the game was added to Early Access and there are more coming. For instance, there will be a full rework of the animation system, which is being taken care of by Jakub Kisiel who also worked on CD Projekt's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. You can take a look at a work-in-progress video just below.

The full list of upcoming features is:

  • Our designers are reworking 4 remaining settlements into the new upgrades system
  • Programmers are working on character controller and synchronization overhaul
  • New animations are being prepared to the final implementation
  • Dozens of events for new players will be added on peninsula South of Dunfen
  • Inventory and depots system should finally get moved into new system within 2 weeks
  • Once work on the male character is done, our artists will start implementation of female character
  • In the nearest future we will focus on optimization improvements and bug fixes
  • Editor of existing characters will be implemented soon, so you will be able to re-customize your current avatars and change gender once female model is introduced