Gigabyte, XFX, Asus Radeon 300 Series Leaked And Pictured – R9 380, R7 370 And R7 360 Custom Models


The flood of AMD Radeon 300 series AIB leaks continues today with more 300 series cards from Gigabyte, XFX and Asus. In fact some of these aren't leaks at all as XFX Radeon 300 series cards are already available at multiple retailers in the US and China. We've reported yesterday that BestBuy has already put Radeon 300 series cards on shelves and began selling them. Today's XFX Radeon 300 series photos are courtesy of a gentlemen who has actually bought the cards off retail and unboxed them. The Gigabyte and Asus 300 series images on the other hand are courtesy of Videocardz.

XFX AMD Radeon R9 380 R7 360
Besides just leaked images of 300 series graphics cards, we've also got our hands on a comprehensive EU and US price list. The list includes all AMD Radeon 300 series cards from Sapphire, Gigabyte and MSI. This price list details the retail pricing for custom cooled, non reference 300 series graphics cards. On the other hand, we had detailed official MSRPs for reference Radeon 300 series cards from AMD in an exclusive article last week.

Gigabyte And XFX Radeon 300 Series Cards leaked - R9 380 And R7 360 Pictured

Now moving on to today's leak, et's start off with Gigabyte. This particular AIB will be introducing a total of six 300 series cards that we know of. These include : R9 390X 8GB Gaming G1, R9 390 Gaming G1 8GB, R9 380 Gaming G1 4GB, R9 380 WindForce 2x OC 2GB, R7 370 WindForce 2x OC 2GB and R7 360 OC 2GB. VCZ managed to find press images of the R9 380 and R7 360 cards. But the rest are sure to leak soon enough.

All three cards pictured above feature one variation or another of the company's WindForce custom cooling solution.  Thanks to the improved cooling, all three cards are factory overclocked.

Moving on to XFX, cards from this particular AIB have already reached retail and are on sale.  The cards include the R9 390X 8GB DD, R9 390 8GB DD, R9 380 2GB DD, R7 370 2GB DD and R7 360 2GB DD. In today's leak however we get a close look at the R9 380 and the R7 360 both of which feature XFX's Ghost 3.0+ double dissipation cooling design.

We can see that the rear I/O of the R9 380 is comprised of one DVI-D, one DVI-I, one full sized DisplaPort and one HDMI connection. While the R7 360 has one HDMI, one DVI-D and one VGA port. Unfortunately this is a slightly awkward choice of I/O. As a single DVI-I port would've been also compatible with passive VGA adapters and would've enabled the addition of a DisplayPort output. On the power delivery side, the R9 380 is equipped with two PCIE 6-pin power connectors while the R7 360 is equipped with only one of said connectors.

Finally we come to Asus, this is a relatively small leak compared to the flood that we've been witness to as of late. But the box art for the Asus R9 380 and the R7 370 cards has been leaked. And it confirms that Asus's Strix design with its 0db feature is coming to the 300 series. 0db allows the fans to be turned off completely when the cards are idling or are running at cool enough temperatures to minimize noise.
AMD Radeon 300 Series ASUS STRIX R9 380 R7 370

Below is a table with the suggested retail pricing, MSRP, for each reference designed AMD Radeon 300 series card as defined by AMD. Custom cooled, non-reference versions of these cards may carry a slightly higher price tag. If you want to check out the prices for custom Sapphire, Gigabyte and MSI 300 series cards you can find it here.

SegmentGraphics CardGPUMSRP
EnthusiastR9 390X 8GBEnhanced Hawaii XT$429
EnthusiastR9 390 8GBEnhanced Hawaii Pro$329
PerformanceR9 380 4GB
Tonga Pro$225
PerformanceR9 380 2GBTonga Pro$195
PerformanceR7 370 4GBPitcairn Pro$165
PerformanceR7 370 2GBPitcairn Pro$135
PerformanceR7 360 2GBBonaire Pro$107

AMD’s officially launching the Radeon 300 series of graphics cards on June 16th at E3 and the event will be live streamed over the web. Until then we’ll make sure to keep you updated as more information is made available to us, so stay tuned.