GIGABYTE Announces the VISION Branded 10 GbE Adapter


GIGABYTE has announced a new 10 GbE adapter in its VISION brand of products, and the VISION brand is targeted towards creators, including streamers and video creators. This adapter offers both high data transfer speed and a simple white color scheme. GIGABYTE has yet to announce when this adapter will be available for purchase or what that price will be for this VISION branded 10 GbE adapter.

The GIGABYTE VISION 10 GbE Adapter offers a white color scheme and rapid data transfer speeds

This VISION 10 GbE adapter offers a minimalistic white color scheme, with the Vision name located on the front of the device, while the outer parts of the device feature a white color scheme; the PCB seemingly features a black color. This allows the card to easily stand out in a PC or blend into a white PC build.

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This card utilizes a PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface to allow for fast data transfer speeds, and these speeds offer transmission rates ranging from 10 MB per second up to 10 GB per second. These speeds are powers by the LAN controller, which is the Marvell AQtion AQC113C PHY chip. This chip supports CAT6A and CAT7 cabling, allowing many builders to utilize the same cords while still offering a significant boost in speed.

This card uses a single RJ45 port offering a way to easily add 10 GbE network connectivity to nearly any PC system and only requires a PCIe x4 slot to connect with your PC. This VISION 10 GbE LAN card delivers 10x faster speed when compared to Gigabit Ethernet cards, allowing for faster data transfers.

These faster speeds allow people who work from home to do video editing or professional workloads without any bottlenecking due to internet speeds. One thing to note about this 10 GbE LAN card will require a 10 GbE router to be fully utilized.

This card features a half-height design and comes with a low-profile bracket to allow for smaller PCs to easily utilize this card without the need to change the case or make any modifications.

GIGABYTE has yet to announce any pricing information or when this new 10 GbE card will be available for purchase.