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With Windows 11 just around the corner, the hype behind this new OS is bigger than ever. This latest official OS from Microsoft is announced to be released on October 5th this year. And the great news is, it will be a completely free upgrade for existing users of Windows 10.

Windows 11 features

Clean design

Windows 11 will be offering a new minimalistic and clean design for its users. With pastel shades, rounder corners on explorer and icons, and a new revamp of the start menu, this is bound to take the visual experience to a whole new level.

Android app support

The OS will also support the Android app directly from the Microsoft store. That means you can now utilize android apps on the native OS without having to install another third-party app.

Personalize your computer with Widgets

Another noteworthy change to the Windows 11 features list is the widgets. Remember the widgets we loved back in windows vista OS? Well, now you can enjoy them and so much more from the Windows 11 taskbar. They also support full-on customization to make your PC feel like your own.

Multitasking made easier

The latest feature called Snap Groups and Snap Layouts allows users to see all the apps you are currently using in the taskbar. This results in better multitasking capabilities and hassle-free transition from one monitor to another.

Free upgrade

For those who are wondering how much it will cost to get windows 11, you are in for a treat. As mentioned above, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing the Windows 11 upgrade for free to their existing users of Windows 10.

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