27% Off Keysmart: Keep Up To 14 Keys Organized in One Slim, Sleek Place

keysmart key organizer

It's time you bid farewell to your bulky key chain because Wccftech Deals is bringing you the KeySmart Key Organizer for just $15.99! KeySmart Key Organizer holds as many as 14 keys in half the space thanks to its unique design, and since it's crafted from quality titanium, KeySmart also has a super lightweight body. Keeping your keys neatly in place, KeySmart helps you get rid of the terrible jingle of keys fighting with each other every time you pick them up or walk around with them. Featuring durable stainless steel hardware, there is no way you are going back to those ugly key chains once you have used the KeySmart.

Get Keysmart Key Organizer for just $15.99

Say goodbye to your bulky key ring - KeySmart organizes your keys in one compact and lightweight place. Easily attach up to 14 keys, and use the included loop to latch on your car fob as needed. The award-winning KeySmart is designed to allow for quick and easy key access, and will rid your life of key jingling and jabbing forever.

  • Frame crafted from quality titanium for lightweight body
  • Hardware milled from stainless steel for durability
  • Unique ‘S’ design made to fit 2x the keys in half the space
  • Size accommodates most sizes of key
  • Made in Chicago
keysmart key organizer

KeySmart details

  • Fits almost any key
  • Holds 2-14 keys
  • Dimensions: 3"L x 0.5"W x 0.25"H
  • Weight: 0.73 oz
  • Polished loop for car fobs

Original value: $22 | Wccftech Deals: $15.99 at 27% discount

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