Next Generation of AMD Professional GPU Detailed, FirePro D700 Leads the Pack with 3.5 Teraflops of Compute

If you have been following news about Mac Pro closely then you would find some really oddly named GPUs in the configurations. GPUs that apparently didn't exist before the Mac Pro. There have been multiple guesses about these GPUs but no confirmation, uptill now. Ladies and gentlemen, directly from our Chinese Source, AMD's New Professional GPU series.

AMD FirePro D Series W9000Image Courtesy of INPAI.

New AMD FirePro D Series Detailed - Exclusive to Apple Mac Pro Only?

Of course our sources also mentioned a possible Apple Exclusivity Agreement, meaning that there is a chance that the D Series will never go mainstream which could be one of the reasons why AMD never bothered explaining the D Series GPUs found in Mac Pros. Without further ado heres the chart of the D Series GPU and their comparison with W Series Counterparts.

GPU FirePro D300 FirePro W7000 FirePro D500 FirePro W8000 FirePro D700 FirePro W9000
Stream Processors 1280 SP 1280 SP 1526 SP 1792 SP 2048 SP 2048 SP
Memory Bus Width 256Bit 256Bit 384Bit 256Bit 384Bit 384Bit
Memory Bandwidth 160 GB/s 154 GB/s 240 GB/s 176 GB/s 246 GB/s 246 GB/s
Compute Performance 2 TeraFlop 2.4 TeraFlop 2.2 TeraFlop 3.23 TeraFlop 3.5 TeraFlop 4 TeraFlop
Vram 2GB 4GB 3GB 4GB 6GB 6GB
Core Pircairn (?) Pitcairn XT Tahiti Pro  Tahiti Pro Tahiti XT Tahiti XT

So basically as you can see the D Series are more or less a slightly cut down version of the counterparts in the W Series. The AMD Fire Pro D300, D500 and D700 are all slightly behind the W7000, W8000 and W9000 respectively. The reason for this might be that the D Series is supposed to go into the confined space of the Mac Pro, and while AirFlow shouldn't be a problem TDP Efficiency is an absolute must. This is another reason why we think the D Series wont make it to mainstream although don't quote us on it.

Basically the FirePro D300 is a lesser version of the W7000, the D500 is a lesser version of the W8000 and the D700 a lesser version of the W9000. Interestingly the D700 (Practically a Rebrand) has not been physically disabled any further than the W9000 yet it gives about 0.5 TeraFlops less compute than the AMD FirePro W9000. Needless to say AMD's take on efficiency is very interesting and though we dont see a market for such a series apart from Mac Pros, AMD might decide otherwise.


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