Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coming With 11 And 14 Inch Screen Sizes, Say Supply Chain Sources

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has started to see an increasing amount of media attention over the past couple of weeks. Redmond's Surface Pro 3 has seen a surprisingly warm market reception and Microsoft really seems to be eager to build up on that with the Surface Pro 4. And while any official dates about the device haven't been revealed, looks like Taiwanese suppliers have already started to see the benefits of the next Surface Pro.

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When it comes to the Surface Pro 4, we've seen several specifications pop up so far. The upgraded tablet/notebook hybrid from Microsoft is expected to come with Intel's latest Skylake processors on board and will be available in new options as well. Reportedly, the high-end Surface Pro 4 could see RAM as high as 16GB with Intel's Core i7 on board.

It's also expected to come with screen sizes of 14-inches for some larger variants, which could turn out to be the right move from Microsoft if it wants to further penetrate the enterprise sector. And speaking of larger screens, Taiwanese display manufacturers have started to reap the benefits of the device. According to supply chain sources from that part of the world, Microsoft's indeed planning to introduce two Surface 2-in-1 devices this year with screen sizes of 11 and 12-14 inches, with Taiwan's supply chain expected to see a boost in revenue as a result of this.

What's more is that the same sources have also spoken up about Amazon's plans for a 12-inch tablet this year, though in limited quantities. What uses does the online retailer expect from such a device on its end can only be a wild guess as of now, but maybe it has also decided to enter the tablet race.

The Surface Pro 4 is expected to be launched in October by Microsoft so there's only a little while until we learn more.

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