Geforce GTX 980 Alleged Benchmark and TDP Surfaces – Just 170W for ~110% 780 Ti Performance

[Rumor] Alleged benchmarks and TDP numbers of the Geforce GTX 980 flagship have surfaced over at Chiphell Forums. However, considering that the source is not really water tight, I will be tagging this post as rumor, and handing out all the pinches-of-salt and take-at-face-value disclaimers that go along with it. As far as the leak goes, it makes sense from a marketing stand point, so I am inclined to believe it's true.Maxwell-GTX-980-

Nvidia GTX 980 Will Sip 170W and Offer ~10% More Power Over the 780 Ti - Alleges Leak

The leak is basically a comparison of the GTX 970 and the 980 and for this purpose the OP has used 3DMark Extreme and Performance benchmarks. The Geforce GTX 980 scores a Firestrike Extreme benchmark of 5500 and a 3DMark Firestrike Performance benchmark of 15000, all the while consuming a power of '160-170W'.  The 970 scores were leaked before the nomenclature switch but names don't affect a card's performance ofcourse, so we are looking at a P Score of around 12000. Now, it is also mentioned that the card has 32 ROPs and 128 TMUs, which is something that is readily deduce-able. So far, history has shown that Nvidia has followed the Bus-ROP ratio of 8 to the letter, meaning that the 980 is going to have 32 ROPs if its going to have 256 Bit Bus Width. In comparison a stock GTX 780 Ti aka the full fat GK110 scores a score of around 5000 at stock clocks which makes this a ~10% increase over the same.

Introducing a card that ups the performance by any significant amount while lowering power consumption in the same go is a very difficult feat and could be what Nvidia has done with the Geforce 900 series. The card scores +500 in Firestrike Extreme, while the card's power consumption is reduced by 80W. This amounts to a ~60% Performance Per Watt increase on the same process which is pretty damn impressive. This also reminded me of all the $499 price rumors of the 980. A card that beats the 780 Ti with a $499 price tag should hold its own very easily till AMD rolls out their next gen GPUs.The GTX 980 will be landing on the 19th of September according to reports and rumors and will be launching along side the GTX 970 with the mobility series following soon after. Nvidia is preparing quite a big reveal event for it too, as can be evident from the Game 24 event that has been scheduled. All these leaks and rumors will be laid to rest in two weeks time and we will finally know for certain, just what exactly Nvidia has been cooking for so long.

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