More GeForce GTX 660Ti Benchmarks Leaked, Overclocked Performance Exposed

Chinese hardware leakers have posted a few benchmarks of the GeForce GTX 660Ti GPU giving a look at the stock and overclocked performance of the upcoming mid-range Kepler.

The GTX 660Ti tested was a sample card with 1344 Cores, 1.5GB 192-bit memory and 150W TDP. Initially, NVIDIA planned for a 1.5GB version of the 660Ti but later opted for 2GB 192-bit VRam to be used in the retail versions.

Even if the Vram was reduced to 1.5GB, the performance of the GPU remained the same as the benchmarks shown in TweakTown's review  a day ago. But we know 2GB is official and a good thing to hear since that would make the card one of the best mid-range offering capable of playing till 1080P res at Sub-$200 price range.

The benchmarks were tested in 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage, a game test of Metro 2033 was also ran. Metro 2033 is one of the most GPU intensive titles ever released and it sure gave 660Ti a hard time. At 1080P res with Very high settings, DX11, DOF, PhysX, Tessellation and 16xAF/4xMSAA, the GPU managed an average 21.71 FPS at stock clocks.

Benchmark scores can be seen below:

3DMark 11 Extreme Mode:

  • GTX 660Ti @ 915/980/1502MHz - X2730 
  • GTX 660Ti @ 1015/1080/1502MHz - X2880
3DMark 11 Performance Mode:


  • GTX 660Ti @ 915/980/1502MHz - P8321
  • GTX 660Ti @ 1015/1080/1502MHz - P8792
3DMark Vantage Performance Mode:
  • GTX 660Ti @ 915/980/1502MHz - P32418 - GPU Score - 28163 Marks.

No overclocked results for Vantage were posted but atleast we got a representation of the performance we would see from factory overclocked cards and as previously suggested the cards would be able to overclock past 1200MHz easily. Expect launch on 16th August for a price of $299/less.

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