GeForce Experience 3.0 Live Now; 2X Decrease in Memory Usage & 3X in Loading Time

NVIDIA just released a new update for GeForce Experience, its software suite. There's been a major design update to streamline the end-user interface, but perhaps more importantly NVIDIA claims that GeForce Experience now uses two times less memory and loads three times faster than it did before this update.

The drivers tab now not only provides driver related information (which is very important, since according to NVIDIA about 90% of GeForce powered gamers now download driver updates through GeForce Experience), but there are also links to the most recent stories posted by NVIDIA on the official GeForce website.

Finally, the software now sports an account sign-on that makes users automatically eligible for game and hardware giveaways; there'll be weekly giveaways of the brand new GeForce GTX 1080, for starters. NVIDIA also promised to give away beta codes right here in the future, rather than through the website as it used to.

To sign-in you may either use an existing Google account or just create a new account with NVIDIA (if you don't have one already, of course). This account will be a single sign-on across GeForce Experience, GeForce NOW and SHIELD.

If you were using the previous beta already, you can just check for new updates in the client. Otherwise, you'll have to download the GeForce Experience beta installer. More "exciting features" are apparently in development. Keep following Wccftech to stay up to date on everything related to GeForce Experience and NVIDIA in general.

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