Gears Of War UE PC Update 4 Available; Next Update Expected In May & Focusing On Multi-GPU Support, CPU Optimizations & Disabled V-Sync Support

The Gears of War Ultimate Edition PC update 4 is now available for download. Additionally, developer The Coalition has stated that they expect to release the next title update in May, and they are currently focused on Multi-GPU support, CPU optimizations, and disabled V-Sync support.

Gears of war UE PC update

According to community manager TC Octus, the update should be around 150MB in size. Check out the patch notes below.

Fixed sniper rifle input when zoomed in.

Restriction on total number of strict NAT machines allowed in MP eliminated.

FPS counter update rate adjusted.

Moderator at the Coalition forums, Cyphos, has added that the update does not fix the display of strict/moderate NAT - this is being misreported to the game. Hopefully, the update improves matchmaking when players have a strict NAT.

Additionally, the next title update for Gears UE is expected to be released in May, and the team is currently focused on enabling multi-GPU support and some CPU optimizations.

Right now we're focused on the following:
- Changing number of players to start a match to 6 or 4 (feedback on number appreciated!)
- Multi GPU support and some CPU optimizations
- V-sync disabled support in video settings
I expect the next title update to launch in May, unless the first change requires a code fix, in which case I would push the title update sooner.

Furthermore, the focus is on disabled V-sync support in the game's video settings. As usual, we'll keep you updated when we learn more about the next Gears update.

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