Games Lineup Xbox Scorpio “Shaping Up Very Well” According To Xbox Head


The console is still far away, but the games lineup for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio is “shaping up very well” according to Microsoft’s head of Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox head, Phil Spencer, took to Twitter to answer a fan question regarding the launch lineup for the Xbox Scorpio project. Spencer was asked whether there will be a Halo title when the Scorpio launches. While Spencer didn’t gave a direct answer to the question asked, he did state that the development teams are getting up to speed with 4K gaming, and the games portfolio for the Xbox Scorpio is shaping up nicely.

Earlier this week we already reported that Microsoft seemingly already has ideas for after the Xbox Scorpio. What these ideas are, remains speculation however.

Xbox Scorpio: Not All Developers Will Take That 6TFLOPS

The Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever created according to Microsoft. It will feature eight CPU cores alongside 6tflops of GPU power. With the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft promises “true” 4K gaming at 60FPS and “high-fidelity VR”.

Microsoft’s senior director of product management, Albert Penello, recently pointed out that while their goal is to make a machine that delivers true 4K at 60FPS, developers will have to decide how they use the power available within the Xbox Scorpio – not all games will run at 4K/60FPS.

The Xbox Scorpio, currently named Project Scorpio, is slated for a release next year.