GamerBase Is Basically Tinder for Gamers, and It’s Free


In this day and age, new social networks are opening every day. Lately, though, many are technology or even specifically gaming related; GamerBase is one of them and it aims to be similar to connect gamers in a similar way to Tinder, though not necessarily for love purposes.

The free application is available both on the Web and iOS/Android stores. Here's what it can do according to its creators:

Why use GamerBase?

Looking to find your perfect duo queue partner? Unable to find a good 5th player to fill your team roster? Need help killing that last raid boss? Looking to join a new guild? Then GamerBase is here to help!

Create your gamer profile!

No registration or signup required. When you download GamerBase, a profile is automatically created for you. You then have the opportunity to customize this profile at any time!

  • Add your username
  • Add a profile image
  • Add a short biography about yourself
  • Add the gaming networks you play on
  • Add the games that you play

Get matched with similar gamers

GamerBase matches you with gamers based on the games that you play. When you add a game to your profile, we instantly search for gamers who play this game in your area and present them to you within the gamers section of GamerBase. It is then up to you to do any of the following!
  • Add gamers to your friends list
  • Remove gamers from the gamer list
  • View the rank and statistics of each gamer in the list
  • View the games that they play
  • View the gaming networks that the gamer plays on

Stay connected!

Keep up to date with your friends and their in-game activities. GamerBase offers the following extra features:
  • Instant messaging
  • Broadcast your in-game activities
  • Receive notifications when friends come online or starts playing a game

If you choose to try it out, let us know if it's any useful in the comments section.