Samsung’s Galaxy X Might Not Be Unveiled This Year After All Due to Several Complications


Amidst the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 leaks, Samsung has another product up its sleeve called the Galaxy X. While an earlier report states that production of these unique devices is going to start from the third quarter of this year, it might not be possible for Samsung to release a large number of commercial units to the public.

Experts Say That Practicality and Durability Might Force Samsung to Delay Its Galaxy X Release Date to Next Year

We agree that producing a smartphone that can become extremely thin to tout a flexible display takes a lot of engineering marvel, and it is definitely going to be a difficult road for Samsung ahead. According to The Investor, Samsung has been working on foldable displays since 2005 but commercially producing them for the public will prove to be difficult.

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“Samsung Display has conducted a range of projects for rollable and foldable displays at its lab since 2005. After almost a decade since the company first succeeded in folding a functioning display in 2008, the foldable display has not been commercialized yet, which means there are still many technical trade-offs to make and difficulties to overcome.”

If Samsung does plan on releasing the Galaxy X next year, we are under the assumption that the device could be packing Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 chipset manufactured on the 10nm FinFET architecture. With foldable displays getting showcased at earlier trade shows, it was only a matter of time before they got reduced in size to the point where they could be used on smartphones and tablets. Galaxy X is rumored to feature a book-like form factor, with the foldable display being flexible enough to turn into an actual book.

The anonymous source goes on to say that demonstrating flexible display smartphones at an event is going to be a piece of cake, but mass production is going to be a completely different ball game.

“We are pouring a lot of resources into developing foldable smartphones, but even researchers are unsure about the practicality of the device and worried about the market response.”

Samsung also plans to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 later this year, so announcing the Galaxy X near the Note 8’s unveiling date might end up doing more harm to Samsung than good.

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