Galaxy Unleashes Fastest Clocked GeForce GTX 650 with 1202MHz Core Frequency

Hassan Mujtaba

Graphics card manufacturer, Galaxy Tech unleashed the fastest clocked GeForce GTX 650 black edition GPU with a core clock frequency of 1202MHz.

The GeForce GTX 650 Black is based on a non-reference design with a 3+1 Phase VRM equipped with the scavenger series cooling solution consisting of a single fan which cools the aluminum heatsink underneath it. The cooler shroud can be moved to clean the heatsink from dust.

The card runs at factory overclocked settings of 1202MHz core and 1500MHz (5GHz effective) for the 1GB GDDR5 (128-bit) memory. Display outputs include Dual-DVI, HDMI and a display port. The card is currently available in Chinese market region with a price under $139.99.

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