Galaxy Tab S3 Leaks With Its Pen Accessory – MWC Announcement Nearby


A new image of the Galaxy Tab S3 has been leaked and while it is very refreshing to see that the tablet will be shipping out with its own accessory, there are some gripes that I am personally having with the upcoming slate, as you will find out shortly.

Physical Home Button Present on the Galaxy Tab S3 Might Show That Samsung Is Sticking to Same Design Cues of Previous Generation Tablet

In addition to the S Pen accessory, Samsung has also been rumored to release a keyboard accessory but we feel that this keyboard is going to be sold separately, following the pattern of other manufacturers. However, as a personal preference, I’d like to see a magnetic keyboard like the one present on the Pixel C and not the kickstand feature present on the accessory that gets attached to the Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro.

Galaxy S23 Series Will Not Ship With an Under-Display Front-Facing Camera, Claims Supply Chain Sources

The addition of the accessory definitely helps us to feel more welcoming towards a product that has been dominated by the likes of convertibles and 2-in-1’s but here’s something that I personally feel should not be there, and it is more of a personal preference. The physical home button has been present on Samsung’s devices for quite a long time and I feel that with the announcement of the Galaxy Tab S3, the removal of it should be constant for all devices, not just the Galaxy S8. This would have allowed more screen real estate for the user, meaning that a larger surface area would be in contact with the S Pen accessory.

As far as rumors go, the high-end model is expected to come with the S Pen, and we feel that the model will also come with more internal memory. According to the hardware specifications, Galaxy Tab S3 has been reported to come in two storage models; a 32GB one and a 128GB.

We’re hoping to see a MicroSD card slot present somewhere for added convenience. Samsung previously used to launch an 8-inch model before, but it looks like because the market is more accepting towards smartphones rather than tablets, so the company is attempting to save monetary resources and limit production to a single screen model, which we respect. Would you go for the high-end model if it means getting a free S Pen accessory? Let us know your thoughts right away.