Galaxy Tab S3 Might Come in Two Models – High-End Model Might Have the S Pen Accessory


A previous rumor detailed the Galaxy Tab S3 featuring accessories, including the S Pen. By now, it isn’t crazy to think that Samsung would go down this route, given the fact that there is a rumor that the Galaxy S8 is going to allow consumers the same option. However, a new rumor claims that if you want to experience Samsung’s long list of S Pen features, then you will have to purchase a different model, suggesting that the company might be preparing two models.

Higher-End Galaxy Tab S3 Might Ship With the S Pen and Keyboard Accessory – No Hardware Differences Detailed Between the Two Models

In addition to the S Pen accessory, Samsung has also been rumored to release a keyboard accessory but we feel that this keyboard is going to be sold separately, following the pattern of other manufacturers. However, as a personal preference, I’d like to see a magnetic keyboard like the one present on the Pixel C and not the kickstand feature present on the accessory that gets attached to the Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro.

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This will allow users to change angles of the tablet comfortably. One advantage of the Galaxy Tab S3 coming with these accessories is the fact that it will be able to provide a clean notebook substitute, but you will still have to get used to the Android ecosystem when you’re jumping from Windows 10.

The high-end model is expected to come with the S Pen, and we feel that the model will also come with more internal memory. According to the hardware specifications, Galaxy Tab S3 has been reported to come in two storage models; a 32GB one and a 128GB.

We’re hoping to see a MicroSD card slot present somewhere for added convenience. Samsung previously used to launch an 8-inch model before, but it looks like because the market is more accepting towards smartphones rather than tablets, so the company is going to save monetary resources and limit production to a single screen model, which we respect. Would you go for the high-end model if it means getting a free S Pen accessory? Let us know your thoughts right away.