Galaxy Single Slot GeForce GTX 680 GPU Pictured

A single slot GeForce GTX 680 which is under production by manufacturer Galaxy has been pictured making it the third Non-Reference GTX 680 in Galaxy's Lineup. Other than the Single Slot GTX 680, Galaxy is also preparing a 4GB model and a Hall of Fame Edition GeForce GTX 680 which were detailed in our previous post here.

There's not much to detail except that the card uses a single slot design which covers a PCI-e Expansion slot, It is cooled by a blower fan and would stick to the reference clock frequencies. Galaxy may not go with OC'd Specs since a 195W TDP is still a bit high for a single slot cooling design. The PCB is colored blue indicating a Non-Reference or Low Profile design but we can't confirm it yet!

The GPU's price and launch date are also not known.

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