Galaxy S9 Unlocked With Dual-SIM Option Down to Its Lowest Price Ever [Only for Today]


Today, and for today only, the Galaxy S9 is getting a deal that has brought down its price equivalent to the Galaxy S8. Since this particular model is unlocked, you will have to pay the full price but in return, you will get a total savings of $180, which means that the price of the Galaxy S9 comes in at an unbelievable $599.99.

Just to be clear, this is cheaper than the highest spec’d out version of the OnePlus 6. The smartphone is designed to work on GSM and LTE-capable networks. The model number of the Galaxy S9 is SM-G9600, so it will work on networks like AT&T, T-Mobile Sprint, and Verizon and that is definitely a godsend.

With the unlocked smartphone being compatible with all four major U.S. carriers and featuring its lowest price ever while being brand new, we do not think that we will be coming across a deal this good anything soon. The smartphone is available from B&H and you do get free shipping when you’ve successfully ordered it. If you order it right now, it will take around two business days to reach you but also make sure to know where you live beforehand.

For example, if you live closer to New York City, it will arrive sooner. Also, no taxes are going to be applied to the smartphone unless you reside in New York City or New Jersey. Is this the cheapest Galaxy S9 deal that you have ever come across? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

Buy Galaxy S9 unlocked with dual-SIM option from B&H