Galaxy S8 Had Design Flaws, But Was Still Rushed by the Company, According to an Analyst


The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are products that represent what happens when you bring out a creative side from the company and that is exactly what Samsung has done. Looks like the Galaxy Note7 fallout did have a positive outcome for the tech giant, but according to an analyst, it looks like the rushing of both of these flagships resulted in some design flaws as well. Keep in mind that Samsung did not unveil its flagship smartphones at MWC 2017, an event where we normally see their devices, but decided to unveil it later in the year. Even then, the analyst believes that the company ended up rushing the announcement.

Misplacement of Fingerprint Reader Coupled With Easy Workaround of Facial Recognition Are Examples of Samsung Rushing its Galaxy S8

Samsung was originally supposed to incorporate the fingerprint reader beneath the display but some last-minute decisions forced the company to mount it at the back right next to the camera lens or fear delaying the announcement even further. For people with smaller hands, this will definitely be a cumbersome experience and even more so for future Galaxy S8+ owners. If that was not enough, then Jean Baptiste Su, who is a Principal Analyst at Atherton Research (via Forbes) states that the facial recognition has a serious security flaw.

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Though both phones feature the best of the best when it comes to security options, it is still appalling that something as simple as placing a photograph in front of the device is enough for the user to unlock it. To remind you, both devices also have an iris scanner but there are two gripes that you will have to face when using it to unlock the handset. Firstly, neither the Galaxy S8 nor the Galaxy S8+ can be unlocked in the dark, and if you wear glasses, you will have to remove them every time you are unlocking the phone.

No doubt Samsung has been praised for its efforts to assimilate the best display on both its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, there are still some faults that Samsung need to address. Unfortunately, with the product rolled out, the company will have to focus those efforts on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

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