Samsung Looking to Bump Galaxy S8 Production to 50:50 Ratio With Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S8

From a hardware comparison, the Galaxy S8+ provides more screen real estate thanks to its 6.2-inch screen and features a battery that is 500mAh more than the capacity found in Galaxy S8. However, since there are just two advantages of owning the larger flagship, a new report suggests that Samsung is aiming to increase the production of the smaller Galaxy S8.

Sources Claim That Galaxy S8 Production Has Climbed to 45 Percent – Samsung Aiming to Reach a 50:50 Production Ratio

Unnamed industry sources claim that Samsung’s production of the Galaxy S8 was 40 percent during the mid-March period, and has now climbed up to 45 percent. According to information reported by The Investor, Samsung could be looking to increase that number to match the production of the Galaxy S8+. The advantage here is that the smaller device will be cheaper for consumers and since there are very few differences separating the two flagships, consumers could opt to purchase the 5.8-inch handset.

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Samsung will obviously be watching this demand with a keen eye, as it did with last year’s Galaxy S7 edge. Initially, the Galaxy S7 edge’s production ratio was 30:70, but that increased to 70 percent by the end of the year due to the soaring demand, and because of the Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

When production of the smaller Galaxy S8 is increased eventually, it will affect the revenue being generated by suppliers since both models use different key components, such as camera modules from different partners.

Our own recommendation is that since there is not a whole lot of value in upgrading to the Galaxy S8+, users should stick to the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and use the remaining money to purchase a DeX dock. If the battery life is troubling the user, they can always scale down the resolution to FHD+ or even HD+ to get more screen-on time from the device.

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