Galaxy S8 Plus Support Page Goes Live on Indian Website – Model Name Detail Included


Galaxy S8 Plus and its smaller brother have been scheduled to launch late next month but it looks like more and more leaks have started pouring out much before that, including the larger phone’s support website, which has unexpectedly gone live.

Model Name Shown on Indian Support Website – Unfortunately, No Galaxy S8 Plus Hardware Specifications Have Been Listed

The model name of the Galaxy S8 Plus has been listed as SM-G955FD, along with a bunch of FAQs and guides that will let users troubleshoot their devices in case they start behaving erratically. After browsing through all of that information, I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a slight sliver of information provided concerning the hardware specifications of the Galaxy S8 Plus. I realize that because some rumors have remained consistent regarding the hardware, but it is always reassuring to see those specs on the actual official website.

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One thing we have noticed is that there is no ‘edge’ present anywhere in that model name, and our thoughts linger to the part where we believe that Samsung might be done releasing flat screen models of its flagship family. There are still rumors that suggest the manufacturer is going to roll out versions that aren’t touting a curved edge display, but it looks like the alleged logo of the upcoming phablet might have sealed the deal for us and for you too.

Previous reports suggest that the size of the Galaxy S8 Plus is going to play a pivotal role in driving the sales as opposed to the regular Galaxy S8. However, on one hand, we have rumors clamoring that the Galaxy S8 Plus will be outfitted with a 3,750mAh battery, while a second rumor states that the phablet will feature a 3,500mAh cell, which is less than the battery capacity found in Galaxy S7 edge (3,600mAh just to remind you).

We hope that apart from incorporating next-gen hardware inside the Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung also makes a big stride to ensure that there’s a large battery found inside the housing so that users can experience stellar screen-on time after they have finally upgraded to a high-end flagship.

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