This Is How the Rumored Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 Could Look and Function


Just a few moments ago, the Galaxy S8 was rumored to come with its own Continuum dock-like feature in order to allow users to extend their smartphone’s UI to an actual display to carry out work-related activities. In short, it should work like Microsoft’s Continuum feature, but because there are a lot of applications available on the Play Store, particularly work-related ones, users should have no problem taking advantage of the feature. Next up comes the sort of display that’s going to be present on the Galaxy S8. Rumor has it that the S8 is going to feature something called an Infinity Display, so here are our thoughts on how it could look and function.

Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 Could Be Similar to Dell’s Infinity Edge Display – Small Bezels, More Screen and More Brightness for Outdoor Viewing

The Infinity Display sounds awfully familiar to Dell’s Infinity Edge display present on the company’s XPS 13 notebook lineup. The display of these notebooks comprises up of a very high level of brightness and since they possess a thin bezel, it adds to the aesthetic value of these notebooks. Similarly, the Infinity Display of the Galaxy S8 could look and function in the same manner, although more screen on the front side will obviously make it more susceptible to cracking if a user accidentally drops it.

Galaxy S8 Android Support Officially Comes to an End After 4 Years

Then again, all smartphone displays suffer from the same scenario, but it would be great practice if customers would purchase a durable case down the road that protects the display as well as the camera lens. Galaxy S8 has already been rumored to come with a screen-to-body ratio that will exceed 90 percent, with other rumors suggesting that either the fingerprint reader is going to be embedded beneath the display or be mounted at the rear side of the device.

Though we agree that the Galaxy S8 is going to be a complete design overhaul of Samsung’s flagship smartphone series, there is a lot of confirmation needed before we’re ready to accept anything related to the handset. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.